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Room For Cream

Room For Cream
September 7th
6:00pm - 9:00pm

Commonwealth Gallery
100 S Baldwin Street
3rd Floor of the Madison Enterprise Center
Madison, WI 53706

Room for Cream is an immersive art show born at the intersection of a small creative enclave of Madison transplants, artists, friends, and big ideas.

Six Madison artists collaborate to create a memorable public encounter with art and the inside of your head. Friday, September 7, 6:00 - 9:00pm, the public is requested to visit the Commonwealth Gallery located on the 3rd floor of the Madison Enterprise building at 100 S Baldwin Street, to enjoy a mind-bending opening reception and refreshments.  The six artists comprised in the show will display work that ranges from abstract still-life paintings, colorful and whimsical self-portraiture, fantasy-scapes, to hand-woven rugs displayed on the floor for comfortable and stylish viewer enjoyment.

In making “Room for Cream” the artists search and reflect, in the form of metaphor, for what it means to make room for the personal and meaningful aspects of life. Room for Cream is a collaboration and collection of imagery and objects that tell the story of what life is like here and now.

Exhibiting artists include: Chris Bostwick, Tim Brenner, Cathy George, Austin Moule, Guzzo Pinc, and Andres Torres.

Y'all 20

Y'all 20
August 10th
6:00pm - 10:00pm

Omaha Creative Institute
1419 South 13th Street,
Suite 103
Omaha, NE, 68108 United

Ranging from squishy, lush, genuine, oily fantasy-scapes to PDF-based, sharp, Copybitmapped, lurid xeroxes, Y’all 20 is sincere and sometimes ironic, but far from condescending. It considers the messy intersection of nostalgia (compassion, memory, community) and now-ness (space/time distance, social networking, reality). It is the inevitable bi-product of inspired devotion and hosts endearing, serious contemporary pop art. Twenty young, throwed Hammer Dawgs, presenting you with The Goods.

Exhibiting artists include Graham Akins, Will Anderson, Adam Beris, Chris Bostwick, Andrew Cimelli, Dan Crane, Leslie Diuguid, Joey Grimm, Brian Henkel, Erin Hinz, Anna Dewey Nance, Sarah Rose Niemiec, Kjell Peterson, Pete Puskas, Ryan Ranney, Brittan Rosendahl, Nathan Schultz, Alex Ponca Stock, Christine Stormberg, and Eduardo Shlomo Velázquez.

Y’all 20, curated by Dan Crane, opens at Omaha Creative Institute Friday, August 10th with a reception starting at 6:00 PM. A closing reception and the release of a special edition book created by Dan Crane & Co. to celebrate the exhibition and ten years of friendship between these artists will take place on August 24th at 6:00 PM. Books will be available for purchase that night and through Dan Crane’s Real Business.


May 11th
5:00 - 9:00pm

IPSO Gallery
400 N Main Ave, Ste 100
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 5710

ZIGZAG is the title of a two-person art show at IPSO Gallery in Sioux Falls South Dakota that I am lucky to be part of. The artist in the show is Andres Torres, and he is a friend. Andres usually makes abstracted paintings, but in my warry ness of pigeonholes, I won't classify him or his work as anything too specific because that can get tiresome. Come to the show and see it for yourself.

I will be showing seven colored pencil drawings on paper in frames that my family immensely helped me to build! Thanks, Fam! I began the pictures in 2015. However, I have slowly worked on them over time and am just now putting on some finishing touches here in the year 2018.